Welcome to Hurricane Center Wiki!

Hurricane Center Wiki (HCW) is currently a 6 member volunteer group which aims to provide unofficial warnings, advisories and discussions on hurricanes in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basins. Originally started by Deputy Director Atomic7732, we have expanded our membership to 6 people. We are seeking more membership from hurricane enthusiasts around the internet, so go to Darren's or Atomic's talkpage for more details. Note that Darren has resigned to work with Wikipedia more.

ALERT: Darren23 singlehandedly beat the HCW in a war. But he really didn't. The war was ended with a compromise.


Director: Atomic7732 Deputy Director: VACANT
Webmaster: Atomic7732

Atlantic (ATL) DivisionEdit

Head of Atlantic Branch: Atomic7732 


East-Central Pacific (ECP) DivisionEdit

Head of ECP Branch: Atomic7732(on break)

  • Senior Forecaster YE

West Pacific-North Indian (WPNI) DivisionEdit

Head of WPNI Branch: VACANT


Southern Hemisphere (SHEM) DivisionEdit

Head of SHEM Branch: Atomic7732



Please select a basin below.

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